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No Credit Check Required!

Why Pay for storage, when you can rent-to-own your own storage building and have it right there on your property with full access 24/7! At the end of the term, at least your monthly payments will have bought you something.

We offer 36, 48, and 60 month lease to own terms on our Metal on Wood Framed Utility Sheds, Barn Style Sheds, Garages, Cabins.

We offer 36 month lease to own terms on our Chicken Coops, Kennels, and Loafing Sheds.

We offer 24, 36, 48, and 60 month lease to own terms on our Metal on Metal Framed Sheds, Carports, Garages, and Shop Buildings.

If you would like to lease a building, please complete and submit the Lease Contact Form below.

Once this is completed, and we will complete the lease contract and order your new building.

Remember, there is no credit check for our lease program. We just need this required information to complete the lease contract.

We will also need a copy of your drivers license which you can text to 918-928-7950 or email to

Once you have submitted the form below we will call to confirm your new building specifications, review your lease term options, prepare the lease contract for you to sign, process your downpayment, and get your new building scheduled for delivery. We can do all of this online or you may come into our factory showroom to sign the lease and finalize your order.

If you prefer, you may call in your SS# to 918-928-7950
Include Name, City, & Phone Number
Include Name, City, & Phone Number
Include Name of Landlord along with their Address, Phone Number, & E-Mail address. We need this information because your landlord will need to sign a 3rd-Party Waiver granting us permission place a building on their property.
Include Permit # and Expiration Date
We promise not to add you to our mailing list, unless you ask us to do so.